• Goat Toddler Formula 28.2oz


  • Goat Infant Formula 28.2oz


  • from farm to formula

    our expert team oversee every step of the process, transforming grass-fed whole milk to creamy formula. head behind the scenes at our factory to find out more

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A2 Goat Milk

made with whole goat milk, which forms softer, looser casein curds for gentler digestion

Goat Whey

uniquely crafted with goat whey

No Palm Oil

we always have been and always will be palm oil free

Plant-Based DHA

we've swapped fish oil for marine algae, for all the benefits and no fishy flavour

with GOS

with galacto-oligo saccharides to support the development of the gut flora

award winning

awarded Gold in Mother & Baby Awards 2022 ‘Best Product for Bottle Feeding’