loved by parents and their little ones

loved by parents and their little ones

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Merari & Zeph + Otis, 12+ months

Yay, our Kendamil has arrived! 👏🏼 Our feeding journey with our first baby, Otis, was a mix of mama pumping and supplementing with formula. We tried several different formulas, but we were adamant about choosing European options, and Kendamil checked all the boxes. However, back then, the only way to get it was through online orders, and with the state of the world during COVID, it sold out quickly and hard to get ahold of. Fast forward to our second little one, and we found Kendamil for infants at Target. Momma was 90% breastfeeding, and Kendamil was the perfect complement. We're thrilled to see that Kendamil is now available in many different stores, for both infants and toddlers. I’ve heard so many moms say Kendamil is like Gold in the UK 😂 We love Kendamil!

Whit & Ballamie, 4 months

When we had to stop our breastfeeding journey a lot earlier than imagined, Kendamil Goat was our saving grace! Finding a formula that had clean, ethically sourced ingredients was our main objective… and Kendamil did not disappoint! Plus, who doesn’t love a family-owned company! After trying so many different formulas and dealing with horrible gas and fussiness, Kendamil goat formula made a WORLDS difference in my baby! Thank you Kendamil!🤎

Chelsie & Thomas, 3 months

On another note, Kendamil Goat Milk ormula has been SO great for Thomas. We’re so happy we started him on it! After a VERY fussy first 7 weeks of life, we were starting to feel defeated. Now, at 3 months old, he’s all smiles, wayyy less gas pains and so much more comfortable!

Jaelin & Kennedi, 7 months

Kendamil, Kennedi loves you 💕 Kendamil’s recipe is enriched with a unique prebiotic blend of HMOs, GOS, and FOS to help support a healthy immune system. It also includes both plant-based DHA (Omega-3) and ARA (Omega-6) for brain and vision development. Kendamil believes DHA is essential for healthy development and therefore meets European requirements. There is no requirement for DHA in infant formula in the United States. Kendamil is just as proud of what doesn’t make it into the recipe - no palm oil, soy, corn syrup, gluten, or GMOs - making it closer to nature and kinder by miles. Certified Vegetarian, Halal, and Kosher.

Kenzie & Kambria, 6 months

Kambria loves Kendamil. Kambria had no issues with the transition from breast milk to formula, thanks to Kendamil. She is thriving on this European formula, now distributed in the USA. You will be pleasantly surprised to read that it’s a family owned and operated company of over 60 years and they use the finest ingredients. (Whole milk fats, no corn syrup, no palm oil, no soy, plant based DHA & ARA.) Thank you Kendamil for bringing your nutritious formula to the USA.

Natalie & Aiden, 3 months

got milk? 🍼 It’s been a few weeks of trying out Kendamil goat infant formula and my baby loves it! They are Europe based and goat milk formula is easier to digest for sensitive babies. We tried different brands but this one is by far the best that worked for him. I can finally have a peace of mind knowing baby A won’t be uncomfortable. He is happy and healthy🤍👶🏻 Thank you Kendamil for the wonderful care package, so thankful to be apart of the Kendamil family🥛📦 You can find different formulas they offer at your local Target or Walmart!

Jen & Malachi, 6 months

🍼🍼I never knew one day I’d be so excited/thankful for a formula! 😂🍼Malachi was catching up on gaining weight in the beginning and was needing a lot more food than usual so we needed to supplement with formula because I couldn’t keep up with my milk supply! So we started looking at formulas & we realized they all have pretty horrible ingredients we didn’t feel good about giving it to him, so we went down the rabbit hole of research and eventually found Kendamil 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Seriously the only formula we found with actual real food clean ingredients!!! THANK YOU @kendamil.usa WE LOVE YOU & are SO THANKFUL for your products 💙🍼

Thailine & Emma, 6 months

Every feeding journey is unique and different. Emma was exclusively breastfed till 4 1/2 months, at which point we realized it was time to introduce formula. Pumping and nursing are quite taxing on our bodies, yet I still want her to receive all of the benefits. We tried a few formula brands, and Emma disliked them all. Until we tried Kendamil Goat. Emma loves it! It is such a big relief that it is so good for her and she also really enjoys it. I’m so grateful to be able to nurse and feed my daughter a formula that she not only enjoys but thrives on. The future is looking bright and I feel super confident on stopping my breastfeeding journey now that we found Kendamil. Emma is almost 6 months now

Brooke & Jonah, 10 months

Giving my baby the most clean formula on the market was so important to me. When researching various brands, Kendamil was the first one I found and I never looked back. European made & plant based; with no soy or palm oil are just a few of the reasons why we chose them for Jonah! 🍼 We are so thankful this is an option for babies!

Cat & River, 24 months

After breastfeeding for 6months our journey came to an end. I wanted to make sure River was getting the best [follow on] formula for him to replace my milk. We tried a few brands but after trying Kendamil we knew it was the right one for him. He was fuller for longer and took his bottle so much easier than before. Now he’s 14 months and he still loves his bedtime bottle ❤️

Chloe & Halle, 12 months

Halle is loving the Kendamil milk, she always finishes her bottle, we’ve never had any issues with this milk, so creamy, smells amazing 🙌🏽 we’ve continued onto the toddler stage organic milk 🥰 it’s a 10/10 from us

Natalie & Oliver, 14 months

Since Oliver began weaning after 6months we’ve been on such an exciting journey!
With thanks to the Kendamil infant cereal range Oliver has been able to have variety of fruit porridge and muesli. His favourite has always been the Banana porridge. We have also loves using Broccoli and Cheesy Cauliflower mix for Lunch and dinner. We mix it with his favourite veggies and pasta! Always a winner! Kendamil is a firm favourite in our house!

Amy & Isla Grace, 10 months

I was very worried about Transitioning from breast feeding to follow on milk at 6 months and after a lot of research Kendamil always came first.


I was worried about the transition to follow on formula. I researched high and low for a follow on formula brand that coincided with my own ethos and values, and that would benefit my daughter. I was so relieved when I found Kendamil. Not only is their follow on formula organic and made in Britain but it doesn’t contain any cheap ingredients - working in Maternity Care I know sadly this isn’t always the case with all brands. My daughter loved it straight away! More importantly she did not have any issues transitioning to Kendamil so I can assume that not only is it great for her but also tastes yummy! Thank you Kendamil, I recommend you to everyone.

Robert & Tilly-Anne, 11 months

We found kendamil and omg we have never looked back, Tilly-Anne has thrived on this milk she loves it and finishes all her milk with no complains. We love this creamy full fat milk and so does she. She has been settled and content with this brand and we also love the porridge cereals too. We recommend your brand to everyone and we wish all new parents knew about your milk to feed their babies.

Claire & Noah, 8 months old

My friend recommended kendamil and we have never looked back!


Our daughter Reisha absolutely loves the fantastic range of organic cereals available supplemented by the follow-on formula which she thrived on. Being vegetarian, we’re glad we found Kendamil and would recommend its products to any parent!


We began shopping with Kendamil when our son was just 7 months old. The infant cereals are second to none, and are still adored by our son today, at 15 months. Both the organic porridge, and the fruit muesli are highly thought of in our home. We later tried the follow-on milk, and goats follow on milk too, which are just as highly thought of - the goats milk in particular! We look forward to trying the milkshakes when William is a little older! Tasty and full of goodness for our little ones, providing peace of mind for us as parents; thank you, Kendamil!


I have recently started using Kendamil after switching from the Aldi brand, where she suffered terribly. On the first day I noticed a huge difference and ever since starting to use it she hasn’t had a big spit up. I am so glad to have found such an amazing follow on formula for my daughter. I have recommended it to everyone!

Jillian & Cali, 9 months

I decided to switch to kendamil after hearing amazing things online about it. She is now almost 9 months and I recommend it to everyone, it’s amazing, we love it!

Beth & Franklyn Grace, 15 months

Since having my little girl I knew that if I needed to formula feed I would choose Kendamil. It’s ethos mirrors mine in terms of being sustainable, local, traceable as well as not containing palm oil, which as we all know is damaging rainforests. I then moved my little girl onto the porridge’s, easy to make and delicious. I will most certainly be using Kendamil again for any future children I am blessed with.


Amazing formula, my son is 9 months old & been on it happily for two months. I’ve never had issues with it and would highly recommend to everyone. It’s got lovely flavour & nice consistency.


Absolutely love the Kendamil toddler for a few reasons. I am supporting British farmers. I love that it's made using whole milk. No palm oil and no fish oil so better for the environment. Lastly and most importantly my daughter loves it. She took to it so easily.


Best baby formula money can buy. It’s been great for my baby! It has made life so much more easier, especially during the Covid pandemic.


I really wish I’d found out about Kendamil sooner. We love walking in the lakes, live near, and love the thought of our daughter drinking Lake District milk! Much more natural - no palm oil - who knew baby milk had that in! Thank you. Will be using Kendamil from now on!


Our little girl has been great on Kendamil! Coming from a dairy farming background I know the value of whole milk and food traceability. With Kendamil I know I'm giving my daughter the best start that I can provide while supporting British Farming and British products.

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Our full range of infant formula was awarded 2023 Baby Innovation Award for 'Best Baby Formula'

Baby Innovation, 2023

Tried and tested by mums, our Classic Follow-On Milk proudly won GOLD as the 'Best Baby Food'

Made for mums award 2024

Naturally gentle, our Goat Follow-on came home with GOLD for 'Best Product for Bottle Feeding'

Mother & Baby Awards 2022

Kendamil was given a royal seal of approval with the prestigious and globally recognised Queen's Award

Queen's Award for Enterprise

Our Classic Follow-On milk was was judged by a panel of experts to win 'Best New Baby and Infant Food' for it's creamy taste

Grocer New Product Award

Another accolade for our Classic Follow-On milk, judged to be worthy of the 'Grand Gold Quality' award

Monde Selection 2021

Mums declared our Classic Porridge ranges made breakfast a breeze and voted GOLD for 'Best Baby Breakfast fFood'

Mother & Baby Awards 2021

Kendamil was recognised for it's growth in the local region, supporting northerm trade and production in the UK

Board of Trade Awards 2019