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  • Classic Infant Formula 28.2oz


  • Organic Infant Formula 28.2oz


  • Goat Infant Formula 28.2oz


  • Classic Toddler Formula 28.2oz


  • “the best of the best!! My 21 month old is just obsessed with this milk! We tried all the other brands when he was younger but Kendamil was by far the best.”

    Jenny | Classic Toddler Milk

  • Goat Toddler Formula 28.2oz



proudly European made, to EU standards

Family Founded

We put your family first, because we are one

Natural Goodness

Creamy whole milk & lactose from grass-fed cows

Clean Recipes

When it comes to our recipe, we don't make compromises

Trusted Quality

Millions of families across the world choose us every day