Kendamil now available at Walmart, Canada

 February 1st, 2024

For months moms and dads have been asking when Kendamil formula was going to be available in Canada. Behind the scenes we’ve been working closely with Health Canada and retail partner, Walmart, to launch Kendamil in Canada. We’re so excited to finally have our award-winning formula on shelf at Walmart and available to families across Canada. 

Want to learn a bit more about Kendamil? Here’s everything you need to know:

What Makes Kendamil Special 

First thing to know about Kendamil is that we’re a family-run business. Unlike a lot of other formula brands we are 100% family-owned and operated, meaning we put your family first because we are one. Kendamil never compromises on the quality of our ingredients and within the company you’ll find a very passionate team of parents who have worked in the infant formula industry for many years. 

So what makes our recipe unique and why are parents across the globe raving about our formula?

  • We Follow European Standards

    • Kendamil meets both the EU and Health Canada standards and regulations set out to make sure that infant formula is safe and contains all the necessary ingredients and nutrition a formula-fed baby needs. This means that when it comes to ingredient composition, levels of vitamins, minerals and other required ingredients for growth and development Kendamil has been approved for sale in Canada. 
  • We Use Whole Milk

    • Kendamil is proudly made with whole milk and therefore contains naturally occurring MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membranes).
    • Whole milk provides an essential source of fat so by using whole milk, we can lower the quantity of oil in our formula. There are also a number of naturally occurring nutrients that are retained from using whole milk, MFGM being one of them. MFGM is a complex mixture of fats, proteins and carbohydrates that form a protective layer around the fat globules in milk. Some studies have shown that MFGM can possibly have a positive effect on your baby’s immune system and even cognitive development.
  • The Importance Of HMOs And Prebiotics (GOS & FOS) 

    • GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides) and FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) are prebiotics and an essential food source for baby’s gut microbiome. HMOs, (Human Human Milk Oligosaccharides) naturally found in breast milk, also play a vital role in the gut, protecting the gut lining. 
    • Prebiotics help your baby develop a healthy gut by feeding the beneficial bacteria in the GI tract. Studies have shown that more gut microbiota in the intestinal tract means better immunity, stronger metabolism, less inflammation and, with recent research, better brain function. HMOs shape an infant’s gut microbiota and help to modulate the ‘neonatal immunity in the infant gut’. 
  • Kendamil Avoids All Nasties 

    • Kendamil prides itself on using high quality ingredients and will never compromise on this. This is why you will never find palm oil, soy and syrups such as corn syrup solids in our ingredients list. We also avoid GMOs and gluten in our recipe.
    • By using whole milk in our recipe we don’t need to use a lot of oils to make up the needed levels of essential fatty acids; this means we’re able to avoid the use of palm oil, which has been linked to digestive issues in babies - it’s also often damaging to the environment.  Kendamil does not add syrups and soy to our products. Why? There are concerns around soy disrupting hormones, while early exposure to syrups could affect eating behaviors later in life.
  • Why We Include DHA 

    • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), is an essential fatty acid, often found in fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel and also found in breast milk. Our DHA is plant-based – taken from algae, which is the source that fish get their omega 3 fatty acids. By using a plant-based alternative we can avoid the use of fish oil, fish allergens and overfishing of our oceans. Kendamil is proud to include the required levels of DHA in accordance with European standards.
    • DHA plays an important role in early infant development. There have been many studies on the benefits of adding DHA to infant formula and some studies have shown that DHA can support eye health and vision as well as support cognitive development and positively affect immune responses. 

Where To Find Kendamil

You can now purchase Kendamil Classic and Kendamil Organic infant formula in store and online at Walmart. To find your nearest Walmart stockist click here. 

For those interested in our Kendamil Goat infant formula and Kendamil Classic Toddler formula you can follow us on Instagram for the latest news - we plan to launch these products very soon.

How Does Kendamil Compare To Other Formulas Sold In Canada?

What's The Difference Between Kendamil Sold In The US And Canada?

Kendamil products are proudly European-made, meaning all our products meet strict EU standards; however, every country will have their own guidelines and regulations that all food products must meet in order to be sold in that country. Food products in the US are regulated by the FDA and in Canada they are regulated by Health Canada. 

In every country that Kendamil is sold we must comply with those specific labeling, food, and safety regulations set out by the country. This doesn’t affect our recipe as EU guidelines on infant formula are some of the strictest in the world, but you may see minor differences in the composition of the label for example the ingredients panel, nutrition fact panel etc. 

Let’s take a closer look at our Canadian label:

  • You will find the information in both French and English.
  • The front label design is slightly different - you won’t find our typical HMOs and MFGM icons. That doesn’t mean we have removed them from the recipe; it’s because the EU, FDA, and Health Canada have different regulations about what benefits we can promote on the label. 
  • On the left side of the label, you’ll see the Union Jack icon instead of the European icon found on the US label. That simply means these products are currently produced in our factory in Kendal. Our European icon on the front of our label reflects Kendamil’s unique European footprint, heritage and community, as well as where some of our range is produced with our world-class manufacturing partners in Europe. Wherever Kendamil is made, it is made to our unique recipe and every batch is quality checked by our Kendal team. Expanding our production facilities helps us ensure supply to the families who trust us worldwide. 2022 was an unprecedented, frightening year for American and Canadian parents as an infant formula shortage meant that millions of families couldn’t access the essential formula they needed. We are proud to have been able to deliver formula to those families who need it consistently and on-time, at a fair price and the quality parents have come to expect of us. 
  • If you look at the back of the label, you might see a U.S. address for distribution, but this is not related to production. You can always check the country of origin on the base of the can. All Kendamil products are proudly made in Europe whether at our Kendal headquarters or our other European facilities. 
  • The feeding guide follows the metric system like that of the UK and Europe using kg, ml and grams. Unlike the US who use fl oz.  
  • The Nutritional Values (Nutrition Fact Panel) is adapted for Canadian measurements.

    • If you’ve seen a US can of Kendamil formula you may notice that the nutrition facts panel looks different on the Canadian can because the Canadian can follows the guidelines of Health Canada. Canadian nutritional values are measured p/100g and p/100m, whereas in the US nutritional values are measured p/100 calories for a 5 fl oz prepared bottle. This is simply a labeling guideline set out by both countries; the nutritional values do not change. You must always follow the feeding guidelines on the formula label on formula purchase in your country and follow formula preparation guidelines set out by your country. Check Canadian guidance here.
  • The Ingredients Panel also has some differences to layouts and naming conventions to comply with local regulations. 

    • Like other countries, you will see a slight reordering of ingredients. For instance, skimmed milk powder follows whole milk on the Canadian label, but after whey protein powder on the US label. The amount of the ingredient is the same across both products, just the order the ingredients are listed vary slightly.
    • Following our announcement in December, you’ll see we use Iron Pyrophosphate in both Kendamil Organic and Kendamil Classic.
    • Canada uses the same naming of DHA and ARA as the UK does:

      • Oil from the microalgae Schizochytrium sp.
      • Mortierella Alpina Oil

We can’t wait for more families to discover Kendamil and to be part of your little one’s feeding journey. We know how important formula is for those babies who rely solely on formula as their source of food, so for us, making sure our product labeling meets the guidelines set out by Health Canada and securing a large retail partner is a huge priority, so we can be supporting families for the long-term in Canada. 

If you have any queries that this blog didn’t cover we’re standing by to answer your questions. Email our friendly customer service team 

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