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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, it is.Kendamil is fully compliant with the FDA’s nutritional standards for infant formula (as detailed within[21 CFR 107.100]) and was among the first international suppliers approved by the US administration as part of Operation Fly Formula. As a company, we have 60 years of heritage behind us and have intentionally been designing products that are suitable for use by families in the USA for several years now. This reflects our commitment not only to the US market bu

We’re so excited to hear you’re considering joining our growing family at Kendamil! 

We generally recommend a transition period of 7-14 days to allow your baby’s digestive system to completely adjust to a new formula, even if you are simply moving to another stage of the same formula brand. Gas, constipation, and fussiness are fairly common reactions to a new formula. Because of this, we recommend introducing the new formula gradually by slowly swapping bottles of the current or “old” formula with Kendamil, starting with the midday feeds first and not the feeds before bed. This schedule can be alternated a bit based on the number of feedings. as some infants will feed for more or fewer feeds than indicated below: 

Day 1: Feed 2 = Kendamil, remaining feeds are old formula

Day 2: Feeds 2 & 3 = Kendamil, remaining feeds are old formula

Day 3: Feeds 2, 3, & 4 = Kendamil, remaining feeds are old formula

Day 4: Feeds 1, 2, 3, & 4 = Kendamil, remaining feeds are current old formula

Day 5: All feeds = Kendamil

You can switch to the new formula immediately and prepare all the feeds with the new formula on Day 1. Feedback from parents using Kendamil has shown that switching to all Kendamil bottles within 24 hours is feasible. However, for some infants, it might be easier for their digestive system to transition slowly as described above.

We do recommend speaking to your healthcare professional before making any changes to your little one’s diet that you are concerned about.

Kendamil Classic can be found in all Target stores (approximately 1900 sites nationwide) from mid-June 2022 and Kendamil Organic will also be available in a selected number of them too.

If you are interested in buying from our online store, we suggest signing up to our newsletter to receive updates on when Kendamil will be available to purchase online and more product updates. You can do this by entering your email on the footer of

Kendamil Classic 900g (32oz) will be priced at $33.99 and Kendamil Organic 800g (28oz) will be priced $39.99.  

This price per ounce of formula is comparable to market leading brands in the US and is more competitive than the majority of new startup brands.

Our guiding vision is, and always has been, that whilst our product is of superior quality it should be one that is accessible for all to enjoy so whilst retail pricing is at the discretion of the retailer we are working hard with them to ensure that Kendamil is accessible for all parents.

We're here for families.

Kendamil’s unique whole milk recipe provides a more naturally-derived fat source for your baby and reduces the amount of vegetable oils in our formula (we proudly use no palm oil, fish oil or soya).

Whole milk also uniquely provides your little one a natural source of Milk Fat Globule Membrane (or MFGM), as identified in human breastmilk and uniquely included in Kendamil’s whole-milk recipe.

We are proud that no Kendamil products contain palm oil (or fish oil or soya for that matter).

Studies have shown that the consumption of palm oil is linked to the malabsorption of minerals like calcium, leading to lower bone density.

Sadly, palm oil has also been linked to devastating environmental damage, threatening our rainforest and wildlife populations. Choosing Kendamil means saying no to palm oil, for a recipe that is kinder to babies and the world they will inherit.

We are currently in contact with the FDA every week to ensure that any parents and infants who start the journey with Kendamil can continue on it. We are also in the final stages of completing our clinical trial for the USA which will demonstrate to the FDA that our products provide adequate growth for infants and, as part of our ongoing commitment to serving parents across the US long term, we have also invested several million dollars in our factory enabling us to double our capacity. 

We have been working hand in hand with the FDA for the last three years on our trial.  It has taken this amount of time because Kendamil uses certain innovative ingredients (whole natural milk fats, natural HMO’s and natural MFGM) which are unique to our products and which the FDA has been very supportive of including in our recipe. We have completed the necessary animal trials and are currently in the final stages of the clinical trial with infants.

Our factory has also been supplying infant formula to families across the world for over 60 years.

Our formula is prepared using 1scoop per 1oz of water.

Don’t worry about needing twice the number of tins though as our scoops are half the size of the standard US ones.

As every baby is different, and we suggest following baby’s feeding cues, how much you need will really depend on the feeding demands of your little one.

As an example though, at a rate of 3 to 4 4oz bottles a day a can should last 11 days.

W hope that helps you with your prep and we wish you well in your continued feeding journey. 💙